We offer hotel parking and car care for our guests and visitors.


Hourly parking NOK 105

24-hour car parking NOK 550

24-hour parking MC NOK 325

Monthly rent NOK 5450

Winter storage MC NOK 4950 per season

Parking includes a warm welcome and luggage assistance.

Charging electric car

Big car NOK 300

Small car/hybrid NOK 200

Car care

Exterior wash NOK 435

Car rinse NOK 215

Vacuuming NOK 325

Wheel change NOK 545

Tire storage incl. Wheel wash NOK 1650 per season

Hotel parking is subject to availability. Max height of all vehicles is 1.95m and max width 2.5m. Parking for larger vehicles is available in Sentrum P-Hus.

For reservations send an e-mail to garasjen@grand.no or contact us on tel. 23 21 21 17.

For reservations in Sentrum P-Hus, please contact by e-mail: Leieplass@onepark.no or telephone: 07275.

Grand Garage is located in Arbeidergata 4, 0159 Oslo. Look here for directions