Grand Hotel Oslo offers two great chambre séparées, namely the Hall of Fame and Carl Johan. These exclusive spaces are conveniently located adjacent to the exquisite Palmen restaurant and share its elegant decor. Our chambre séparées are flexible and popular for various purposes, including business meetings, board meetings, intimate gatherings, and private celebrations.

Hall of Fame

Size: 36 m2. Capacity: max. 40 pax.

Setup: 1 boardroom table à 24 pax, or 9 tables à 4 pax or 2 tables à 2 pax. 

Lighting conditions: Windows facing the Palmen restaurant.

Carl Johan 

Size: 35 m2. Capacity and setup: max. 18 pax on a long table.

Lighting conditions: Glass doors facing the Hall of Fame. 

Technical: 1 pc. LED-screen, 42" with HDMI output.



We tailor your event to your needs! For prices and booking of the chambre séparée, please send an e-mail to or fill in the contact form here: Grand Gatherings

Welcome to Grand Hotel Oslo! 

Carl Johan                                                                                                           Hall of Fame