The anniversary campaign aims to recreate original art epochs, details, and historical moments that have taken place at the hotel.

Confectioner Julius Fritzner opened the hotel in 1874, and in January, the focus will be on this particular event. The opening comes to life through a campaign video where AI has used the brushstrokes of that era to showcase the occasion. This involves creating many images with subtle nuances that are eventually stitched together into a film. To bring out the distinctive features of that time, the AI generator has been filled with information and characteristics from various art epochs that have dominated throughout Grand Hotel's history, as well as colors, brushstrokes, and other details that characterize the period.


The 150th-anniversary celebration kicks off in January and will continue month by month throughout 2024. The doors are open to the people of Oslo, and it will be possible to participate in a variety of exciting events in the time ahead.


Grand Hotel is a unique hotel both nationally and internationally, and throughout the year, we will highlight the history, the people, and the cultural significance of this splendid hotel through innovative campaigns and inspiring events.


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Stay tuned – more information is coming soon!