Do you suffer from headaches, back/neck/shoulder pains and muscle pains? Massage may reduce your stress levels and increase and improve blood flow.

Artesia Hot Stone Massage

A fantastic, relaxing massage utilizing hot volcanic stones and aromatherapy oils. The warmth from the stones affects the body energy channels (meridians), loosens muscle aches/sore muscles and creates a balance in body and soul.

kr 1175,- 75 min

Artesia Classic Massage 

A firm and deep classic massage that loosens tight/sore muscles.

kr 975,- 55 min 

kr 1475,- 85 min

Artesia Mum-To-Be Massage  

A massage that increases blood, lymph and energy flow. It relieves aching back, shoulders, hips and feet associated with pregnancy. Our therapist will customize the treatment to your specific needs.

kr 975,- 55 min

Artesia Aroma Relax Massage  

A relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils. Each aromatherapy oil has its specific effect, and combined with massage you will get an optimum effect. A wonderfully relaxing treatment. 

kr 975,- 55 min

kr 1475,- 85 min

Artesia Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 

A specialised massage that concentrates on trigger points, loosening muscle knots and tension. A treatment that helps reduce stress, bad posture and static /wrong ergonomics. Our therapist will customize the treatment to suit your needs.

kr 495,- 25 min

Artesia Cupping  

A warming treatment that loosens tight connective tissue. This treatment has a great effect on fluid retention and detoxifies, reduces cellulite, relieves muscle ache and increases blood and lymph circulation with the use of rubber cups.

kr 495,- 25 min

Artesia Scalp Massage  

A stress-relieving and soothing massage for scalp, neck, shoulders and arms.

kr 775,- 40 min

Artesia Foot Massage

A relaxing and beneficial massage for feet and legs.

kr 495,- 25 min


First treatment & consultation 45 min kr 775,-

15 min physiotherapy kr 290,-

30 min physiotherapy kr 520,-

All product information and prices are subject to change without notice. We also offer shorter and longer massages, please contact us for more information.

Please see our cancellation policies for details. Any treatments cancelled outside our cancellation times will be charged in full.

For booking, please email us at or call +47 22825000.


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