Conference coup in January

If hold your conference or meeting at the Grand in January we can promise a positively different conference. With "Moods of Rock 'n Roll", "Moods of Joy" or "Moods of Grieg" on the menu, we give you and your participants an unusual experience for the senses.

Moods of Grieg

Start the meeting with Grieg's famous Morning Mood.
We light up the otherwise dark room with candles, giving the participants a room with ambience. The smell of freshly made coffee combined with buns straight from the oven makes for a relaxed and warm start to the meeting.

Welcome to an unusual start to the day!


Moods of Rock 'n Roll

The perfect way to start up again after lunch, or if you want to kick start to your meeting on a high-energy note. Rock 'n Roll music served together with fresh energy smoothies!
Each participant will have a pack of strong mint pastilles at his place – nothing else will do!
The room is filled with energy – work is what will be done here!

Welcome to full speed and Rock 'n Roll!


Moods of Tower Power

This break is guaranteed to inspire!
If you want your break catered in a unique way, you should try Tower Power – you can only get it here! Served in our Tower suite - our most spectacular suite with views of the entire skyline, offering fantastic surroundings and a hawk's eye view of Oslo and Stortinget. You will be in a class of your own.
You will be served tapas – both salty and sweet!

This break should be 30 minutes long if you are to gain the full benefit of the experience.

Welcome to the full perspective!


Moods of Peace & Love

Are you gathering to build solidarity in the department or to draw up strategically important plans? Do you want to get to know each other even better and build team spirit?
Regardless what it is, with this break we offer you the confectioner's dream, our irresistible chocolate confectionary pastry or delicious strawberries dipped in chocolate. The choice is yours!
Sweet, wonderful, seductive!

Everyone will also get a flower at their place for joy and inspiration throughout the day!

Welcome to the sweet break!


Moods of Norway

This break is just a good for Norwegians as it is for foreigners. Wouldn't it be fun to introduce your international contacts to something so anciently Norwegian – the waffle? At the Grand we have become friends with the boys from Stryn and all our waffles are now in the shape of tractors. Maybe you will find that we are not so traditional after all, perhaps providing your participants with better topics for dialogue?  The traditional accompaniments are included, but if we are going to serve it the way the Moods boys do, we have to serve it with champagne.*

Welcome to good moods and wonderful stories about grandma's recipe!


Moods of Joy

Let our waiters come marching in with silver platters loaded with candy accompanied by joyous music.
We serve the best apple juices in Norway here, together with loads of candy and chocolate in all the colours of the rainbow.
This could also be arranged as a start to your meeting or a pre-lunch séance.

Welcome to a fun-filled and joyous experience!


In January we are offering the above packages at NOK 625 per head.
If 50% of the participants are staying at the hotel the price is NOK 575 per head.


This includes:
The meeting room, including standard technical equipment
Pens and paper
1 coffee break
1 of the above "Moods" packages
{1 sandwich buffet, incl. the confectioner's pastries and coffee}

* extra for champagne option in the Moods of Norway package.

The package price is valid for orders of a minimum of 10 persons.

If you would like to in addition/rather go crazy at the Grand in January you have a unique opportunity which you will be remembered for long into the future! For more information and an obligation-free discussion and quote please contact

Special offers for accommodation for courses and conferences in January:

Single room NOK 1295
Double room NOK 1545
Big buffet breakfast, free wireless Internet access and entry to the Artesia SPA Grand Hotel are all included in the price.

Friday 05 November 2010

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