The Nobel Peace Prize dinner

Host your own "Nobel Dinner"

You are perhaps aware that the Grand Hotel is the venue for the Nobel Peace Prize banquet every year, but did you know that you too have the possibility of inviting guests to an unforgettalbe Nobel Dinner of your own?  We can make that happen!

We set the table with our special Nobel tableware,

present individual menu cards that guests may keep as a memento and serve your selected Nobel meun.  We have Nobel menues dating several years back, offering a wide choice of menus to fit the occasion of your Nobel evening - or perhaps the Peace Prize laureate you wish to honour.

For parties of more that 80 persons, we serve the Nobel Dinner in the Mirror Room, the actual venue of the annual event.  If requested for smaller groups, we have a choice of well-suited alternative suites and lounges.

The price of the five-course Nobel menu includes

1 aperitif (sparkling wine), 3 glasses of wine (carefully selected to perfectly match the menu), coffee with cognac/liqueur, mineral water, special tableware and servcie, menu cards and flower decorations.

NOK 1950,- per person

A dance orchestra is not included in the price, but we would be more than happy to arrange this in keeping with any wishes you may have.


Have a look at our Nobel menus here

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